Announcement: WhiskyBrother Store!

Dear Whisky-Friends, near and far,

You may have heard me make mention of an impending big announcement. Life has run its usual delayed course, but the undertaking in question is finally in an advanced enough state that I am comfortable sharing the news that has excited me (and given me sleepless nights) for the last several months.

I am genuinely excited to reveal that WhiskyBrother is expanding beyond just a humble blog. Within mere weeks, I will proudly (and with a healthy dose of consternation) open the doors to a WhiskyBrother specialty whisky store here in Johannesburg.

The store will be the first of its kind in Johannesbug; specialising only in whisky and related paraphernalia (glassware, books, magazines, etc.). Within a few weeks of opening, I plan on having the largest selection of whisk(e)y held in a brick-and-mortar store in the country (and indeed the continent). I hope for the store to become a focal point of the Johannesburg whisk(e)y community; a place catering for all those interested in whisk(e)y, no matter their knowledge or experience. A place to learn, taste and experience all things whisk(e)y.

A store of this kind is conspicuously absent from the local Johannesburg whisky community and, as a passionate whisky drinker myself, I have dreamt of opening such a store for the last several years. Fortunately, after raising the necessary capital earlier this year, I actively began working on the concept and navigation of the necessary bureaucratic red-tape. In July I made the final commitment of resigning from my employer and have since been dedicated to getting the project up and running.

The store will be located in the Hyde Park Corner mall and is currently under construction. Although there are still several dependencies, the expected opening date is Monday the 26th of November.

I have many, many exciting ideas and plans, but my main focus of attention for now is getting the store open. After that you can expect new developments on a monthly basis, from tastings to clubs and exclusive whiskies.

As a fellow whisky enthusiast and blog reader, I wanted to inform you about the store in my own words before the professionals take the lead. (Although his blog will always be in my own words!) Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to know more. This is a labour of love, and I am only too happy to share my ideas and involve all those who are interested. I will also use the blog to post updates and images as the construction and fittings progress.

I look forward to seeing you in the WhiskyBrother store!

Your brother in whisky,

The below images are renderings of the store. Although some changes have been made, these representations are 90% accurate and give a very good indication of what the final creation will look like:

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  1. Wow, that is a big announcement indeed. Best of luck! I’ll definitely be dropping in during my visits to Joburg.

  2. Marc, so glad to hear this awesome news go public. Best of luck and I will be sure to buy a bottle or 5 when budget allows to help you along. I can’t wait to come and see the final product and you may even just open the day before my birthday😉

  3. This is fantastic news I truly hope you have great success and wish you all the best.

  4. Such brilliant news Marc! Looking forward to spending some quality time there!!

  5. Merryn Robertson

    Wow Marc looks awesome, well done for making your dream come true! Hopefully we can come visit in Dec!

  6. Store really looks something special Marc, wish I could pop in & support your most worthy venture. See you next February. Lex

  7. So so excited for you Marc! You’ve had the guts & courage to realize your dream and one I too shared ten years ago but it was to include flowers (scents and aromas of a different kind) ;-0. Wishing you loads and loads of success that you deserve.

  8. Wow! Congrat, pictures looking awesome. Wish you all the luck with your shop. A visit isn’t going to be easy, long travel from the Netherlands but you never know.

  9. This must be the best news since the announcement of sliced bread!!! And it not even so far away from me… C’mon 26 November, C’mon!

  10. I’m so excited Marc! Now I’ll have a serious Whisky Place to call home in Johannesburg. I’m so looking forward to my next visit to South Africa (sometime next year hopefully).
    Does this mean you’re giving up your whisky room at home?😉

  11. Congrats Marc! This is very exciting news. I’ll definitely be swinging by a lot!

  12. Hi

    We are based in Pretoria and was wondering if you plan to offer on-line orders and deliveries of orders?

  13. Morgan J Knight

    Marc, that looks awesome! Well done!! I will definitely pop in next time I’m in JHB for a proper tasting with you! Hope the opening goes well, Morgs

  14. A decent whisky store closer to me than London. Brilliant. Hope you have a good stock of interesting Islays.

  15. Good luck Marc – it looks great.

  16. Congrats Marc!!
    I look forward to picking up some rare breeds in your store and many fine tasting sessions, just don’t kick me out if I add sprite😛

  17. Congratulations!!! And what a beautiful store! This is exactly what Joburg needs. I can’t wait to see the store and start shopping!😀

  18. I too am exited as hell. And to echo the sentiments of my rotund friend above, a whisky store stocking decent Islays is going to be a very welcome addition to South Africa, never mind Johannesburg…!!!

  19. Sincere congratulations, Marc. Hoping to visit in person soon!

  20. Awesome news Marc, congrats and best of luck!! Judging by the number of comments posted already you’re going to be kept busy when you open.

  21. Congratulations and best wishes for your success. It looks like a promising place for all whisky enthusiasts to gather. Much luck

  22. All the best, a great decision

  23. Fantastic Marc, that looks really interesting. I hate to say this, but I a a whisky philistine, but my wife is the single malt lover. However, she is also budget conscious, so I battle to sneak bottles into the house. Interestingly we found a very nice SA single malt, Bain, that she likes but we are always looking for new and interesting malts. We will definitely pay you a visit when you open. The only issue is going to be the resposne from the Whisky SISTER!

  24. Very excited for you, Marc! The renderings are looking amazing – can’t wait to see the finished product. Best, Elizabeth

  25. I overwhelmed at the great response! A sincere thanks to each of you for the well wishes! Look forward to having you in the store, and plying you with whisky as thanks:)

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